Anonymous asked: You like word games? Ooh, nasty little hobbit-wraiths aside and their odd habits, do you like riddles?

Thranduil: We are elves. 

Legolas: It’s kind of compulsory to like riddles… 

Tauriel: Just ask Erestor… 


Anonymous asked: Thranduil do you have a valentine? ;)

Thranduil: I have a Valenwine. Haha. I am so funny… but no really. My valentine is always wine… :)


Anonymous asked: What's your favourite weapon, Legolas?

Legolas: The Bow of course. Can’t beat the bow. 


Anonymous asked: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Oropher: I do not know, anon. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 

Thranduil: Word games! :D Legolas, repeat after me. The leaf is yellow.

Legolas: The leaf is yellow.

Thranduil: The leaf is yellow.

Legolas: The leaf is yellow. 

Thranduil: The leaf is yellow. 

Legolas: The leaf is yellow.

Thranduil: What colour is the leaf?

Legolas: Yellow. *beat* Wait… 

Thranduil: :D 

Galion: If if equals then then then equals else else else equals if. :D


Anonymous asked: Does Legolas have a guilty pleasure? *whispers softly* Is is Sherlock?

Legolas: *whispers back* No, it’s Agents of Shield.

Thranduil: He’s holding out hope that Clint will appear on it…

Legolas: He has to appear at somepoint. You always need a guy who can shoot a bow… 


Anonymous asked: Legolas, did you tell anyone back home that you had joined the Fellowship or were they terribly surprised when you turned up several months later with a new bow and a Dwarf?

Legolas: We don’t talk about it.

Thranduil: Elrond is the one who informed me of where my son had gone. Relations between our realm soured for a very short period of time afterwards. Hence why Elrond and his people were not present in the cleansing of Mirkwood…

(OOC: Pretty sure the Rivendell peeps aren’t there for the destruction of Dol Guldur… and no, the reasoning above is not canon. However I like to think that Thranduil was very angry with Elrond and would not speak with him at all about anything until Legolas stood before him, healthy and whole…


OOC: Announcement/Apologies

Arya and I apologize for not answering questions lately. I’ve just started university and have mostly been avoiding Tumblr (aside from keeping my Queue up) as hate for many things shows up on my dashboard far too often and it either makes me feel like crap or it makes me want to murder someone. Hate like Moffat hate, Loki hate, Thranduil hate, Cis hate, white hate. Just hate in general. People will actually go out of their way to say they disagree with hate UNLESS it’s hate against (x) person or thing. And I don’t want to start unfollowing people because I’ll just never stop. And some people don’t seem to understand the difference between abusing someone and stopping someone from being abused, (yes, WTNV fandom, I am looking at you) so I really don’t know how long I’m going to be kicking around on Tumblr for… :/ 

So, with that being said. I’m really not sure how long our ask blogs are gonna be around for. As Jafa left Tumblr quite a while ago, I haven’t spoken to Daisy in IDK a long time, I’m considering leaving, and Arya is easily distracted, and also busy. But if any of you guys wanna help out, that would be lovely. You’d just need an approximate knowledge of Middle-earth, and be willing to research when a question is asked that you don’t know the answer to, and it’s always a good idea to double check your information even if you think it’s correct. Arya and I would be happy to give you a crash course in Middle-earth history and characters if you require it. (I really like making power points, sue me.) 

If any of you guys do want to help, message my personal tumblr at and say something like ‘hey I’d like to help out on the blogs’. You will have to be off anon. (Sorry.) We’ll put the urls in a hat and draw out one or two, and whoever we draw out will join our ranks. :) 

Anyway, as you were.



Anonymous asked: Do you want many grandchildren Thranduil? Imagine - a couple of mini-Legolases running around!

Thranduil: I would be happy with just one grandchild. But many grandchildren would be nice. ^_^

Legolas: Also, the plural of my name is Legoli.


Anonymous asked: Hey Tauriel! I just want you to know that you are an awesome role-model for girls! Are there many other women in the Guard/other military positions?

Tauriel: Hello, anon. Thank you. ^_^ And yes, there are many other women in the Guard and other military positions. You tend not to see them however as we have a betting ring going on at the moment. 

Thranduil: What?

Tauriel: Nothing.

Legolas: *whispering* The ellith have a competition going on at the moment to find out who is the stealthiest. It’s really annoying because I had to order them all to stop stalking Adar and I to find out our secrets.

Tauriel: They stalk Galion now.

Galion: What?!

Tauriel: It’s great. :) 


Anonymous asked: hello elves :) i was watching pushing daisies the other day, and i was wondering if thranduil had any talent for baking pies or awakening the dead. hope you have a nice day!

Thranduil: Neddy! ^_^ Cutie!

Galion: Thranduil loves baking pies. He does it often. :)

Legolas: He is banned from making pies drunk though, because he always messes it up and then cries about it for days..

Tauriel: And he does not have a talent for waking the dead… he does have quit the talent for making the dead, however… now if only he could wake pies…