Anonymous asked: Aran Thranduil, what do you think about Kili?

Thranduil: please answer these questions to find out:

a) Is he a dwarf?

b) Is he in any way related to Feanor?

c) Is he a dwarf?

If you circled any of the answers above, HE CAN GET EATEN BY GIANT SPIDERS. 

If not, I would have to meet him to find out, yes?


Anonymous asked: Ñoldor are awesome, they are my favorite elves and Feanor is the best!!! But you all are very cute too,, especially you Tauriel.

Thranduil: FEANOR AND HIS DUMBASS SONS CAN GO BURN IN THE VOID. how dare he slay MY kin. 

Tauriel: Thanks, but I’m into short brown haired, slightly bearded dwarves who die in the battle of five armies


Anonymous asked: does anyone have a perverted habit???

Legolas: I…I PUT NUTELLA ON CARROTS, OK?! don’t judge me.


Anonymous asked: Thranduil you are so sassy and hot!! You were fabulous in the hobbit:) (I've seen it five times) Marry me!!!

Thranduil: no. There is more to love and marriage than simply sexual attraction, especially to an elf


jez-zolnierz-deactivated2014062 asked: What do you, elves think about Fili and Killi? I mean do you consider them pretty, or at least priettier than rest of the dvarves company?

Thranduil: ugly ass dwarves in my territiory? nu-uh, I don’t think so.

Legolas: I don’t know but that red head’s son Gimli is mighty fiiiiiine~

Tauriel: forget the blonde, I’m already surrounded by them. But that hot piece of man Kili…phew-I’d let him climb me like a tree


Anonymous asked: Why didn't the White Council attack Dol Guldur when the Evil first appeared?

Thranduil: because no one actually listens to Elrond


Anonymous asked: Why doesn't Thranduil maintain the Forest Gate?

Thranduil: well, we have no need of unwelcomed or unexpected visitors, so why should it be kept? If it looked pretty and nice, people would waltz into the wood all the time and where would we be then? 


Anonymous asked: How long do elves live?

Oropher: Generally, all Elves are immortal. However, we can be slain through violence, or die of a broken heart. If neither of these things happen, then we are immortal.


Hello all!

I am the other new mod that Kat mentioned in her intro post. When I’m not answering questions here, I run a Tolkien and cat blog, and I am a HUGE fan of Tolkien and his stories. I can speak English extremely well, and I’m working on learning Elvish! Currently, I’m in college so life is super hectic but I love it! I’m studying to work in search and rescue, so that means I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, and all that. Anyway, me and Kat will be working to get this blog back up and running again so thanks for sticking around! Around here, you can call me Satozai, as my real name will remain confidential for obvious reasons. So enjoy your time here and have a fabulous day and week!



Anonymous asked: Thrandy how did you become so fabulous!

Thranduil: I did not become fabulous, I am the pure epitome of fabulous!